Meet Quentin Lumsden | The man behind the Growth Shares

My name is Quentin Lumsden. I am the founder, publisher and editor of Quantum Leap. I edited my first investment newsletter in 1970 and subsequently worked as a fund manager and financial journalist before returning to my first love, editing investment newsletters and picking growth shares. I became the editor of such publications as The Investors Chronicle Stockmarket Letter and The USM Investor. In 1984 I launched my own investment publishing business with the first edition of Quantum Leap going out to a handful of subscribers in October 1984.

I actually bought my first stock while still at school, a stock which I chose myself. It was Rank Organisation, the cinema chain and leisure business. I bought the shares because most of the value of Rank shares consisted of a stake in a US company, Xerox, which launched photocopiers on the world in the first great revolution in office productivity. The shares quickly doubled after I bought them, making me realise that, if you get it right, the stock market is a wonderful place to make money with very little effort. You just sit back and watch the shares climb.

Naturally, I quickly discovered that shares can go down as well as up but over the years I have made more money from investing on my own behalf than I ever have from my business or from owning property even though I bought my first house in 1974.

The Quantum Leap strategy in a nutshell, summed up for us perfectly by the world's most-successful-ever investor, Warren Buffett (net worth $47bn and climbing).

"To invest successfully you need not understand beta, efficient markets, modern portfolio theory, option pricing or emerging markets...Your goal as an investor should simply be to purchase at a rational price, a part interest in an easily understandable business whose earnings are virtually certain to be materially higher five, ten and 20 years from now. Over time you will find only a few companies that meet these standards so when you see one that qualifies you should buy a meaningful amount of stock. You must also resist the temptation to stray from your guidelines. If you are not willing to own a stock for 10 years don't even think about it for 10 minutes. Put together a portfolio of companies whose aggregate earnings march upwards over the years and so will the portfolio's value"

I am telling you quite a lot about me because I am Quantum Leap. I personally research and pick all the growth shares. I try to keep the number of recommendations down so that I can really stick to the best. If a share does not seem to have the potential to rise 10-fold over a period of years I won't recommend it. Read how I value stocks.

In summary, my long term record as a growth stock picker is good, I am doing well right now, beating the indices by miles and I think we could be on the brink of an exciting new bull market, a real one, not just a recovery from the lows, which is what we have had so far.